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About Us

Ours is a story of a community coming together with a vision: to rebuild a neighbourhood where residents can raise their families in a safe, secure and sleaze-free environment.

Joo Chiat District Birdseye View

Joo Chiat has a vibrant Peranakan and Eurasian heritage, and in many intimate ways, it is also a multi-cultural and multi-religious hub. Known for its great street foods, it has also begun to see a more eclectic mix of East-West restaurants and 24-hour kopitiams.

At the same time, Joo Chiat appears to be evolving into a creative hub for young local and foreign artists and creative professionals. The neighbourhood's conserved, quaint, low-rent accomodation and shophouses are slowly gaining favour among young artists and creative entrepreneurs.

Art Deco Building Dunman Road Corner  24 hour kopitiam joo chiat place singapore  joo chiat place singapore    kuo chuan artist home  

Efforts to restore Joo Chiat to its old world and kampung charm are now well underway. They closely follow a Revitalisation Plan that residents have cobbled together and rolling out with their Member of Parliament Chan Soo Sen, grassroot leaders and government agencies.

joo chiat popiah spring roll  indian temple motif  east coast road singapore restaurant

This plan has been shared with many parties. It has the support of civic organisations such as The Peranakan Association, The Eurasian Association, MUIS, churches in the neighbourhood, Singapore Heritage Society, and key government agencies, among others. Read more about The Peranakan Museum

An important part of Joo Chiat's revitalisation initiatives is our very own community website.

We want myjoochiat.com to be the go-to website for Joo Chiat's residents, our young, our schools, our well-wishers and visitors for what's new, interesting and happening in our neighbourhood.

We also want it to inform and educate site visitors to what Joo Chiat really is and its promise as a home and a living heritage destination.

There is much going for Joo Chiat.

Its kampung feel, its heritage architecture, its renowned food and snacks, its diverse cultures, its energising creativity, its sunshine exuberance, but most of all, its down-to-earth residents - simple, hard working folk who have made the neighbourhood their home for many generations and generations to come.

pineapples at koon seng road  black sauce chicken cross st  branch  indian temple motif  joo chiat famous tau kua pok

It is our website.

So if you have anything to say, or you wish to share an opinion, or some observations, new insights, new discoveries, pictures, a passion, a poem, a song, a recipe, an artwork, a home, a hobby, a new business from home or shophouse or shopping centre, please write to us at















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