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The many empty shophouses in the Joo Chiat neighbourhood suggests its ripe for new businesses to come in. Since the lifting of rent control in 2001, which coincided with the dotcom crash and SARS, the district's charming pre-war shop units have yet to be completely filled. Already there are signs of a small revival. This is inevitable as the neghbourhood already supports are large residential community and in the next two to three years more new families will be moving into completed condominiums presently under construction. Besides new eateries and catering businesses, we are beginning to see parallel car importers; interior design, home decor and furniture shops; pet and grooming outfits, traditional Chinese tea oulet, and recreational shops retailing bicycles and roller blades. Niche joints include board game clubs, bridal service outlets and .......... Residents are trying to promote Joo Chiat as a Heritage Hub, a Food Hub, a Creative Arts Hub as well as a Youth Hub. Businesses that fit into these are most welcome. If they don't, well, they are also very welcome to be part of our community!














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