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Joo Chiat Backpackers Hostels

Tourists especially backpackers and travellers are beginning to flock into our district to enjoy the special blend of Katong hospitality that we as locals already appreciate.

Backpackers in Joo Chiat

Just who are these backpackers? Backpackers are independent tourists that do not normally travel with a tour group. They may not have a fixed travel itinerary but rather prefer to decide as they go along how long to stay in a locality or what to see and do. The core of backpackers are between 18-25 years of age and may spend up to 1 year travelling on a "round-the-world" air ticket. Most are university graduates, culturally sensitive and keen to interact with locals to experience something heartfelt and authentic. Due to the long duration on the road, backpackers may travel on a budget but are willing to splurge on specials like exotic foods and must-do activities.

Backpackers are a different breed of tourists and backpackers hostels need to be a different breed of accommodation provider.

Backpackers hostels are different from hotels in terms of the sleeping arrangements and social activities. Generally dormitory styled sleeping arrangements with common rooms and social space. Facilities in these hostels at times rival budget hotels with many offering free breakfast, internet access, fitness centre use as standard in a package. Central to backpacking philosophy is the social space and activities which is totally missing in standard hotels. Social activities organised by these hostels include BBQs, guided walks and talks.

Betel Box Backpackers Hostel is the trendstarter of backpackers hostels in Joo Chiat and have taken care of over 14,000 travellers in its 4 years of operations. This highly rated hostel conducts unique concept tours in Joo Chiat that allow for insights into our community. Their presence has benefitted local traders and food vendors which reinforces on our cultural identity.

Here is the growing list of backpackers hostels in Joo Chiat/ Katong

Betel Box Backpackers Hostel & Tours
Fernloft Backpacker Hostel
Frankel Hostel













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